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Landlords - 8 Amenities to Include in Your Rental Unit

The increase of pricing in the #housingmarket and lack of inventory has left some potential #homebuyers renting instead of purchasing. As a result, these #renters may not just be viewing rentals as just a temporary steppingstone to #homeownership and expect their rentals to have nicer amenities than in previous decades. If you’re a #landlord there are 8 amenities your #rental should consider including:

  1. Dishwasher – Rentals without dishwashers may experience more turnover than those that include one.

  2. Washer and Dryer – With all the great space-saver appliances on the market, there is no excuse not to find room for a washer/dryer unit.

  3. Alarm System – Security systems cost a few hundred dollars and can add value to your rental.

  4. Pest Control, Gardener, Pool Service – Renters are looking for low maintenance homes. Including these services in your rent also ensures your property stays in great condition.

  5. Central Air conditioning – Homes with central air conditioning rather than wall units always command higher rents than those without.

  6. Private Parking – Whenever possible, make sure there is a designated parking spot for the renter.

  7. Outdoor Space – While not always possible, when looking for new investment properties, opt for one with outdoor space.

  8. Home Warranty – avoid unexpected repair costs by adding a home warranty to the property.

Rentals have become a necessary alternative to homeownership for some. These renters will pay top dollar for the best properties. Make sure your unit stands out by offering the amenities modern renters want.


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